Pendraken Seven Years War Restocks – 240403

Pendraken Historical 10mm Scale Specialists at the Dark Horse Hobbies Blog Our Pendraken Seven Years War Restocks have landed! Everything that we were out of stock on within the range at the time the order was created were included (except Hanoverian). What this restock really means is that at the time of this news article, we have 166 out of the 174 available Seven Years War product SKUs in stock. That means that we currently have over 250 packs of Seven Years War Tricorne Troops for your tabletop gaming events – in stock and ready for immediate shipment!

Of course we will also constantly restock across the entirety of Pendraken’s product offerings as well as maintaining/increasing stock across the entire Pendraken line in 2024.

American Revolution and American Civil War will be our next Pendraken stock focus along with the Post-War product range and then to our regular cycle of restocks into the summer.


You can shop our store for 10mm Seven Years War figures here
…and if you’re outside the United States, you can get these 10mm Seven Years War figures direct from Pendraken here.


Last Page Update: 2024-04-03