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How to Play Gunfighter’s Ball

Gunfighter's Ball is a Wild West Shootout game for tabletop miniatures. It falls under the hobby of miniature wargaming, that's different than roleplaying games or ordinary boardgames. The big attraction for these kinds of games are the figures and buildings themselves, assembling and painting the miniatures is as much a part of the hobby as is playing the game itself.
Victrix Limited Historical Plastic Miniatures News at the Dark Horse Hobbies Blog

More Victrix Plastics Inbound

Our next Victrix Limited - Plastic Miniatures order is now inbound! This isn't a huge order by any stretch, but we are working our plan to continually add to the stock of these amazing hard plastic miniatures produced by our new friends over in England.
Pendraken Historical 10mm Scale Specialists at the Dark Horse Hobbies Blog

Pendraken 10mm Russo-Japanese War Range

Looking for a new period or regional conflict to game? Look no further than Pendraken's newest release - the Russo-Japanese War of 1905. The 10mm scale masters at Pendraken have done it again with a wonderful lineup of figures destined to bring this conflict to life on a tabletop near you!

We're taking pre-orders now, and plan on making our first stock order for this line around mid-June. So don't delay, get your order in as soon as you can as this helps us to have a better idea of how to best stock this new release range.

More Reaper Miniatures to Come. . .

After reviewing email and notification requests, as well as sales data, we have decided to place more emphasis on stocking plastic miniature models in our store. To this end, you will soon find more immediately available to ship inventory from Reaper Miniatures, and specifically from their Bones Plastic Lines. This will include Dark Heaven Legends Bones (their original figure line), and at least every two weeks with figures from the Bones USA and Bones Black product lines.