Vote on our Stocking Priorities

We’re constantly working to provide the relevant stock that our customers want, but we aren’t really happy with the results. We’ve used the notifications and wishlist features of our e-commerce site in an attempt to capture that information, but the results (in our opinion) have not yielded the stocking improvements we had hoped for. So we’re trying a new approach with this poll feature on our blog. Though we were discussing a move for most of our notification information from social media to our own controlled content platform, when the polling feature was taken away from our Facebook page, that prompted a bit more urgency to this particular issue. We want to know what you want so that we can have it here when you want it… and we felt that a poll was probably the next best option to attempt to achieve that information as accurately as possible. While this first poll will likely not be the be all to end all, we hope it serves to set us on the right track so that we can more efficiently serve your hobby and gaming wants and needs.

What Pendraken Ranges should we focus our stocking efforts on next?

You can select up to three choices. Voting for a range we already stock may change our priority to stocking deeper quantities in that range/period.