Victrix – Plastic Miniatures Restock – Dec 4 2023

Our restock of Victrix plastic miniatures model kits was just checked into the inventory and is now available online.

The restock includes the following:
VG12005 Cromwell
VG12006 Sherman Firefly
VG12007 M10 Wolverine
VG12011 M5 Stuart
VG12013 German Infantry and Heavy Weapons
VG12014 British Infantry and Heavy Weapons
VG12018 M4A1 Sherman
VG12021 Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma
VG12027 Loyd Carrier and 6pdr Gun
VG12028 Soviet SU76 SPG and Crew
VXA037 Celtic Chariot

You can find these 12mm scale World War II plastic miniatures model kits at our webstore here.
The 28mm Ancients plastic miniature model kits can be found here.