Victrix 12mm WWII Ordered

Victrix Limited Historical Plastic Miniatures News at the Dark Horse Hobbies Blog UPDATE: These figures arrived on July 6th! A much faster turnaround than had been expected, and the quality is everything we had heard, seen, and expected.
Note: If you’re scoffing at plastic figures, we think you’re missing out!

A long time in the making – Victrix Limited products have been ordered! We plan to restock and expand the line as quickly as sales will facilitate. Our initial focus will be World War II kits and sets, though we plan to add a few codes from their 28mm figure lines mixed in with each order. The most recent New Releases will be in our next order.

You can visit our online store to shop for Victrix 12mm World War II Miniatures and Models by clicking the following link: Click Hear for Victrix Limited 12mm WWII Plastic Models and Miniatures

You can also visit the Victrix Plastic Miniatures Category to keep an eye out for their 28mm products when we make them available for ordering by clicking the following link: Click Hear for all of the Victrix Limited Plastic Models and Miniatures


Last Page Update: 2023-07-30