Scalextric 1/32 Scale Slot Cars – Coming Soon!

Scalextric 1/32 Scale Slot Cars Coming to Dark Horse Hobbies Soon!
Our initial stock order of Scalextric 1/32 Scale Slot Cars, Sets, and Track has been confirmed. We should see the arrival sometime next week, and in the meantime we will be adding the inbound items to our online catalog.

Our initial stock order includes the following:
C1429T – American Street Duel Set (Camaro v Mustang)
C1447T – James Bond 007 Scalextric Set
C3858 – Ford GT GTE Le Mans 2017 No.69
C3933 – VW Panel Van T1b – DC Comics
C3959 – Team GT Zombie (Anime)
C4165 – BMW 330i M-Sport – Police Edition
C4301 – James Bond Lotus Esprit Turbo – ‘For Your Eyes Only’
C4326 – Dodge Charger RT – Sublime Green
C4355 – Lotus 99T – Monaco GP 1987 – Satoru Nakijima
C4358 – Chevrolet Camaro Z28 – Spa 24hrs 1981
C4409 – Honda civic FK8 Type R – BTCC 2022 -BTC Racing Josh Cook
C8196 – Scalextric R2 Curve *8 Track Extension Pack
C8205 – Standard Straight 350mm Pack
C8206 – Radius 2 Curve 45deg Track Pack
C8210 – Straight Crossover Track Pack
C8226 – Track Supports and Clips Pack
C8228 – Radius 2 Curve Outer Borders 45deg Pack
C8233 – Lead in / Lead Out Borders Pack
C8246 – Side Swipe Straight Track Pack
C8295 – Elevated Cross Over Track Pack
C8189 – Classic Control Tower
C8190 – Classic Grandstand
C8191 – Crash Barriers With Stickers Pack
C8312 – Easy Fit Guide Blade Pack
C8329 – Round Guide Blade 4 Braid Plates 1 Screw Pack
C8440 – Adjustable Analogue Hand Throttle
C8321 – Pit Garage

You can find these Scalextric 1/32 Scale Slot Car Racing Sets, Cars, Track, and Accessories at our webstore here.