Pendraken WW2 USA and Soviet Restocks – 240301

Pendraken Historical 10mm Scale Specialists at the Dark Horse Hobbies Blog Our Pendraken World War II American and Soviet Restocks have landed! Everything that we were out of stock on within these two nationalities at the time of the order was included, plus a few packs of Italian and British vehicles. What this restock really means is that at the time of this news article, we have 108 of the 109 available American product SKUs in stock and and 92 of the 93 available Soviet product SKUs in stock. That means that we currently have over 345 packs of American and more than 240 packs of Soviet 10mm World War II Badassery for your tabletop gaming events – in stock and ready for immediate shipment!

So with this recent surge in WW2 stock, one might logically be asking – what’s next? In short, we have a similar “all in” order for Germans (it’s a large range of figures all by itself) and will be working on British, Italian, and Japanese in the coming months. Of course we will also be constantly restocking across the entirety of Pendraken’s 10mm World War 2 ranges as well as maintaining/increasing stock across the entire Pendraken line in 2024.


You can shop our store for 10mm American World War II figures here
…or you can get the 10mm Soviet World War II figures here
…and if you are outside the United States, you can get these 10mm World War II figures direct from Pendraken here.


Last Page Update: 2024-03-01