Vote on our Stocking Priorities

We’re constantly working to provide the stock that our customers want, but without your input, we might as well be looking for a new magic wand. To that end, we want to know what Warband Fantasy products you want so that we can have them here when you want them… and we feel that since our last poll gave us a better direction on the genres to stock, we’re back to ask for more input, in the hope that it helps us come up with the best stocking priorities for Pendraken Fantasy, allowing us to be more efficient in serving your hobby and gaming wants and needs here in the United States.
We appreciate and value your input, so please help us to help you. (Note: Once you’ve voted you can’t change your vote.)

What Pendraken Fantasy figures should we focus our stocking efforts on next?

You can select up to three choices. Voting for a range we already stock may change our priority to stocking deeper quantities in that range/period.