Pendraken New Releases

Twenty Twenty-Two starts off as a promising year for Pendraken Miniatures, even with the coming Feb 1st price increases. The folks at Pendraken are continuing to expand their 4000 plus selection of 10mm figures by adding some needed, and some not so needed but nice to have figures to their ranges.
And they haven’t ignored their fantasy customers either. Two new monster packs have also been released 1st quarter of 2022 during their 10 Days of 10mm along with a few products for American Revolution, World War II, League of Augsburg, and an update to their American Civil War flagsheets!

So let’s get on with the show and tell – and – the links:

First up are the new releases for the American War of Independence range…
which can be found at this link Pendraken 10mm American Revolution – British Tabletop Gaming Figures

Next up are the Fantasy Monster additions…
which can be found at this link Pendraken 10mm Fantasy Tabletop Gaming Monsters

The folks at Pendraken have also added a pack of much needed Hussars to the League of Augsburg range…
which can be found at this link Pendraken 10mm League of Augsburg Tabletop Gaming Figures

This Day 4 of Pendraken releases focuses on filling in some WWII figures – a selection of handy casualty markers! Almost every nation/theatre now has an infantry casualty marker for gaming…
which can be found at these links (click the photos to visit the product offerings)

American: Airborne casualty marker

British: Infantry casualty markers

British: 8th Army casualty markers

British: Airborne casualty markers

German: Infantry casualty markers

German: DAK casualty markers

German: Para casualty markers

Italian: Infantry casualty marker
Soviet: Summer casualty marker

We’re going to skip the Day 5 release of the American Civil War Flags in this article as we plan to post again in a few days with a little deeper dive into the Pendraken ACW range and more specifically the flagsheets for that popular period. You can always just take a peek for yourself at the following link Pendraken 10mm American Civil War figures

Next up is a jump back to Late Middle Ages with figures sure to be useful in any period beginning around the late 14th century – of course the Monks and Nuns are useful in my opinion during any age of the period…
which can be found at this link Pendraken 10mm Late Medieval Tabletop Gaming Figures

ELM43 Dismounted knights in bascinet, sword/hammer

ELM44 Dismounted knights in bascinet, spear/halberd

ELM45 Mounted knights in bascinet, sword (5)

ELM46 Monks (10)

ELM47 Nuns (10)

Taking a quick detour forward, to the WWII era, we will find another useful release for the Italians…
which can be found at this link Pendraken 10mm WWII Italian Tabletop Gaming Figures

ITA29 Mle 1906 65mm mountain gun with crew (2)

Next up will be a useful little release for the Marlburians, but like the American Civil War range, we’re going to put that into a different update.

Hopefully this will give you some inspiration on what you want to collect next, or maybe it will be a reminder to finish off a project from one of these periods. Whether you are a collector or a gamer, we think you’ll find something of interest in this 10 Days of 10mm New Releases from Pendraken Miniatures.