Pendraken 10mm Russo-Japanese War Range

Pendraken 10mm Russo-Japanese War of 1905 figure range - new releases Looking for a new period or regional conflict to game? Look no further than Pendraken’s newest release – the Russo-Japanese War of 1905. The 10mm scale masters at Pendraken have done it again with a wonderful lineup of figures destined to bring this conflict to life on a tabletop near you!

We’re taking pre-orders now, and plan on making our first stock order for this line around mid-June. So don’t delay, get your order in as soon as you can as this helps us to have a better idea of how to best stock this new release range.

“Rival ambitions between Russia and Japan lead to a surprise attack on the Russian fleet by the Japanese in February 1904. Despite continuing to suffer defeats over the following 18 months, Russia refused to surrender and the war was eventually ended with the conclusive naval battle of Tsushima in August 1905, and a subsequent peace treaty.

This complete victory by the Japanese military surprised international observers and transformed the balance of power in both East Asia and Europe, resulting in Japan’s emergence as a great power and a decline in the Russian Empire’s prestige and influence in Europe. Russia’s incurrence of substantial casualties and losses for a cause that resulted in humiliating defeat contributed to a growing domestic unrest which culminated in the 1905 Russian Revolution, and severely damaged the prestige of the Russian autocracy.”


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