More Reaper Miniatures to Come. . .

After reviewing email and notification requests, as well as sales data, we have decided to place more emphasis on stocking certain plastic miniature models in our store. To this end, you will soon find more immediately available to ship inventory from Reaper Miniatures, and specifically from their Bones Plastic Lines. We will attempt to increase the stock monthly for Dark Heaven Legends Bones (their original figure line), and at least every two weeks with figures from the Bones USA and Bones Black product lines. Our focus over the next several months will be to have all product SKUs for the Bones USA and Bones Black figures in stock for immediate shipment.

This is not to imply that we will ignore Reaper’s amazing metal figures, from which many of the plastic models have originated from, so to address our long lingering slumber in stocking those figures, we will be activating SKUs from the Dark Heaven Legends line bi-weekly in our online offerings, while attempting to fill our regular orders with more of these figures as well as the Pathfinder, Warlord 2nd Edition, and Chronoscope lines. We already have all of the Savage Worlds SKUs in stock as of this writing and have committed to maintaining restocks in that line moving forward as well.

We would also like to take a moment to thank our customers who have supported us and hope that if you have an interest in 28mm scale fantasy gaming that you look at the Dark Heaven Legends and Pathfinder products, and if your interests are Science Fiction or even Historical gaming, or collecting in 28mm scale that you look into their Chronoscope and Savage Worlds figures. We think you’ll find some interesting surprises in reviewing all of Reaper Miniatures thousands of available figures – in both metal and plastic. (Just a reminder, many of Reaper’s fantasy figures can easily be used without modification for medieval tabletop wargames or collections.)

One last thought, don’t forget Reaper has been at the forefront of manufacturing quality hobby paint for more than a decade and their first-to-market innovative triad system provides even novices with the color selections and palettes to achieve quality results in your miniature figure painting endeavors.

Thank you again for your patronage, and we hope that your shopping experience with our website will be a pleasant and rewarding one.


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Last Page Update: 2023-09-03