Monster Fight Club – Cyberpunk Red New Arrivals – 240230

Cyberpunk Red - Combat Zone by Monster Fight Club - New Arrivals!
Our initial stock for Combat Zone – Cyberpunk Red from Monster Fight Club, a 32mm scale Cyberpunk Dystopian Combat Game for tabletop miniatures gaming has arrived in our warehouse!

Combat Zone’s Cyberpunk Red from Monster Fight Club presents an engaging RPG style skirmish style tabletop combat game featuring law keepers, thugs, minions, and a variety of nasties all in 32mm scale for excellent detail and RPG identification. With superbly detailed plastic game figures (including leaders, heroes, and villains) as well as a comprehensive range of scenery that can be used to further enhance you gaming enjoyment, there are plenty of pieces from this line to put on the table! (Oh, and did we mention they have a 7ft long container ship available too?)

We’ll be adding additional products from this range to the website in the coming days and weeks. And as usual, as each product is added you’ll be able to request a one-time email notification for individual items so that when they arrive in our warehouse you can be one of the first to know when the item(s) are available for purchase.

Our initial stock for this range contains:
Cyberpunk Red Core Starter Sets
Zoners Box Set
Lawmen Box Set
Generation RED Box Set
Arasaka Box Set
Danger Gals Box Set
Container Sets
GONKS: Observe and Secure (Arasaka)
GONKS: Filthy Meatbags (Maelstrom)
GONKS: Cub Hunt (Tyger Claws)
The Beat (Lawmen)
GONKS: Take Up Irons (Zoners)
GONKS: Foolproofed (BOZOS)
GONKS: Underfoot Urchins (Gen RED)
GONKS: Perll Pledges (Danger Gals)

So slide on over to the Cyberpunk Red Section (by Monster Fight Club) of our webstore and explore our available Combat Zone: Cyberpunk Red box sets, miniatures, game rules, and accessories here.