It has Arrived… LOKA Fantasy Chess!

We’re Excited about LOKA: The World of Fantasy Chess!

LOKA is two things – fantastically sculpted Chess sets and a brand new take on the game of Chess itself, brought to you by Alessio Cavatore’s River Horse and published by Mantic Games, project creators behind the successful Kings of War and DreadBall.

LOKA is played with fantasy-inspired Chess pieces, each evoking the powerful imagery of one of the four elements.

— Fire —

LOKA: Fire Elemental Fantasy Chess Pieces

— Earth —

LOKA: Fire Elemental Fantasy Chess Pieces

— Air —

LOKA: Air Elemental Fantasy Chess Pieces

— Ice —

LOKA: Ice Elemental Fantasy Chess Pieces

Each LOKA Chess Set can be used as a regular Chess Set and the pieces have been carefully designed so that you always know what they are on the board – a common problem with other fantasy chess pieces. There are also some new twists brought to the game by Alessio which bring new tactics and strategies to the game of Chess in a world torn between good and evil. If you have always been fond of chess but have grown bored with it over the years, this game will breath new life into an old favorite, and the variety will keep you playing for years to come.

LOKA: The World of Fantasy Chess Gameplay Video

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about this game, and are as excited about us having it available as we are.