Is MicroScale coming to Dark Horse Hobbies?

Well, all I can say at this point is that we are looking into various manufacturers, so if you have a favorite that you would like to buy from us, then please drop them a line letting them know where you would like to buy and drop a line letting us know as well. At least it might help us narrow down the scope of our search for vendors and products. Of course in the United States, GHQ models has been king of this hill for a very long time, but with manufacturers such as Heroics & Ros, Baccus, and Adler to name a few, those days of dominance could be over given the perceived (or real) retraction of GHQ products from local game stores.

On a side note, we did pick up the Knuckleduster 28mm scale Old West products and getting ready for our first Re-Stock order, so a big thank you to all who contacted us, and them, with your requests – we also ended up picking up 4Ground Publishing products direct from the manufacturer (more on that in another post).