The elves have been in the website once again. While the migration didn’t happen, they did manage to make a few improvements (or at least we think) to the website by enhancing the out of stock notification system a little bit, to include a more obvious user interface widget. If you already have an account registered on the website, all you’ll have to do is click the notify me link and you will receive a notification to the email address associated with your account once the item is back in stock.
NOTE: We have recently begun having difficulties with addresses being throttled by comcast mail servers.

Something else that happened was a notification was added to the product pages that will tell you if you ever purchased that product in the past and when the last time was that you did so. Hopefully this will be helpful while you shop our site. Here’s what it looks like…

Well that’s it for this news update – don’t forget to vote for your top 3 choices of ranges we should put a priority on stocking or increasing stock from Pendraken Miniatures. You can cast your vote here!