Changes Coming to Gunfighter’s Ball

According to Forrest Harris, the founder of Knuckleduster Miniatures – “It’s been a busy year”. He has also stated that “The Gunfighter’s Ball product line grew organically without a lot of pre-planning and as a result has rather complex production requirements. The next several months will be a process of re-alignment.”

“We will work hard to keep the price of faction packs where they are for the foreseeable future. We will be raising the price of singles sharply on our website for our individual customers and will be considering discontinuing them entirely. In the future, we may be able to issue special characters as high-price individuals in much the same way that GW and others do.”

With around 200 figures in their line, it is the company position that going back and making individual molds to address the single figure production issues is just not possible.

So effective immediately, as a result of this “re-alignment”, WE can no longer purchase individual figures as a retailer.

As a result of these changes, the company believes this will allow them to refocus their business on “cranking out new models, new card decks, new games, and efficient fulfillment”. (see previous quotes from Knuckleduster Founder Forrest Harris)

As for Dark Horse Hobbies – we are saddened to hear this news, but we will continue to stock the line for as long as it makes sense for us financially. Going forward we will carry ONLY the faction packs, animal packs, scenery items, and game components.

You can find a number of alternate single old west figure models here.

Happy Gaming!