Armies in Plastic – Initial Stock Arrives – 240614

Armies in Plastic 1/32 Scale Toy Soldiers - Now Stocking Dark Horse Hobbies is pleased to announce our initial stock receipt of 1/32 scale (54mm) Plastic Toy Soldiers by Armies in Plastic. This line of toy soldiers is not only great for outdoor backyard games, but collectors enjoy the variety as well as the hobbyist who likes to paint larger toy soldiers for display.


Our initial receipt of this range includes over 144 packs of these figures. The company has brought all of their molds back from China and as the Made in China stock sells out, they will be producing replacement stock with figures Made in the USA. The American Made figures will be in plastic bags with header cards and the bases of the figures will have a line through the “Made in China” origin mark on the underside of the bases.

This initial order contains figures from the following ranges:

British Colonial
American Civil War
Boxer Rebellion
Crimean War
American Revolution (War of Independence)
The Alamo / Texas-Mexican War of Independence
French & Indian War
World War I
Russo-Turkish War
Franco-Prussian War


You can shop our store for these figures in the Plastic Toy Soldiers / Armies in Plastic section on our website…
…These listings will eventually be separated by period, but we wanted to get them listed as quickly as possible. More Plastic Toy Soldiers from Armies in Plastic as well as other manufacturers of these style figures will be arriving through the remainder of the year.


Last Page Update: 2024-06-13