Armies In Miniature (AIM) – Official Release

Armies In Miniature (AIM) - Makers of 10mm tabletop gaming figures
Republican Roman Legionnaires
Future Release: 10020503 – Greek Hoplites Standing

We are pleased to announce that the AIM (Armies in Miniature) Relaunch is about to begin. All packs will be $9.99 each (unless otherwise noted) with infantry packs containing 24 figures, cavalry packs 12 figures, artillery crews 20 figures, and the artillery gun packs to contain 5 guns – a ratio match of 4:1. By utilizing this ratio of crew per pack to guns per pack (20 artillery crew figures will man 5 guns at a 4 figure per 1 gun ratio) we reduce potentially wasted crew figures, or guns, while at the same time reducing the overall number of SKUs that a stockist would need to maintain.

This will be our packaging and pricing structure moving forward into 2024 though some packs will require adjustments to the figure count, such as the Carthaginian Elephants. (see below)

These figures are the exact same figures that were produced by GFI (Game Figures, Inc) more than a decade ago. It is because of the long-lived commitment by the owners of the range (Tom and Terry Dye), with behind the scenes efforts by others, that these figures are finally being brought back into production, and we at Dark Horse Hobbies feel privileged to be part of this endeavor. Since this is a re-release of that line, we will attempt to keep the stock codes and pack contents as close to the original as we can.

The first products to be re-released will be from the 10mm Ancients Punic Wars figure range and will be the following stock codes – to begin shipping in October 2023…

AIM 10mm Ancients Releases – October 2023
10020101 Republican Roman Triarus Standing
10020102 Republican Roman Principes Attacking w/Pilum and Spear
10020103 Republican Roman Hastati Attacking w/Pilum
10020104 Republican Roman Velites
10020107 Republican Roman Heavy Cavalry
10020108 Republican Roman Light Cavalry
10020109 Republican Roman Infantry Command Pack
10020201 Carthaginians Armored Citizen Spearmen Standing
10020202 Carthaginians Libyan Spearmen in Captured Armor
10020203 Carthaginians Libyan Javelinmen
10020204 Carthaginians Light Infantry
10020208 Carthaginians Balearic Slingers
10020209 Carthaginians Citizen Heavy Cavalry
10020210 Carthaginians Libyan Heavy Cavalry
10020214 Carthaginians Elephants (2) and Crew (4)

You can now subscribe to be notified by email for any or all of the above figure packs when they are officially released (and we have enough packaged to fulfill orders). As we get closer to the end of September (2023) this will change as we will begin taking pre-orders, and at that time we will allow backorders to be accepted should we run out of immediate ship stock. (There is a turnaround time from manufacture to packaging that must be taken into account as nothing will be “cast to order”.)

You can find the entire AIM product offerings as they become available by browsing Armies In Miniature here.
You can find just the Punic Wars releases by browsing Punic Wars Ancients Miniatures here.
A sneak peak at the Samurai range…
…to be released later this year!

If you Own a retail store and want to stock AIM Products…

We plan to have a dealer portal available soon where dealers can place orders online with no minimum opening order requirement beyond our standard low $50 minimum order for wholesale/trade accounts. Payments accepted via PayPal on the portal.

We will also be creating promotional materials and other branded merchandise for store use, store giveaways, and convention giveaways. We’re thinking shirts, hats, and bags to start with, along with a free pack of minis for your customer who referred you to us, but we’ll keep you posted on how these plans develop. Just know that we prefer to encourage loyalty rather than gimmicks designed to catch a one-off sale.

Speaking of new stuff, we also promise not to overwhelm you with massive numbers of new releases every month or week; we’re committed to no more than 5 product SKUs per month, unless it is a new range / faction, in which case we will do our best to keep the initial release to 10 SKUs or less.

Please send your dealer inquiries to esrohkrad, and include all of your contact information in the message body with your store name in the subject line, and don’t forget to ask about our store trade startup deals. We want to partner with you in ways that will allow us both to be profitable so that servicing our customers, the hobbyists, whether they be wargamers, modelers, or collectors in this industry can be the primary objective.

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