Alternative Armies – Initial Laserburn Stock Arrives – 2024-02-09

Laserburn 15mm Just Arrived - Alternative Armies
We have received our initial stock for Laserburn, a 15mm Sci-Fi Combat tabletop miniatures game originally created by Tabletop Games and now produced by Alternative Armies in Scotland. We’re still adding the last remaining bits to the website, so if you don’t see an item reach out to us or request an email notification when the item is in stock so that you will be the first to know when the item becomes available for purchase. And please, if you cannot find an item, please send us an email so we can make sure we haven’t missed anything as this range has several hundred items.

We will be adding more inventory to this range as sales dictate, so please help us bring this line of great classic miniatures back to the states.

You can find these 15mm Scale Laserburn miniatures, rules, and gaming accessories on our webstore here.