Scale Guide

November 4, 2019 Hobby

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Is MicroScale coming to Dark Horse Hobbies?

November 2, 2019 News from the Dark Horse

Well, all I can say at this point is that we are looking into various manufacturers, so if you have a favorite that you would like to buy from us, then please drop them a line letting them know where you would like to buy and drop a line letting us know as well. At least it might help us narrow down the scope of our search for vendors and products. Of course in the United States, GHQ models has been king of this hill for a very long time, but with manufacturers such as Heroics & Ros, Baccus, and Adler to name a few, those days of dominance could be over given the perceived (or real) retraction of GHQ products from local game stores.

On a side note, we did pick up the Knuckleduster 28mm scale Old West products and getting ready for our first Re-Stock order, so a big thank you to all who con...

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Knuckleduster Miniatures

August 25, 2019 News from the Dark Horse

So we're looking at picking up this Old West game and line of figures... What do you think?Read More

Unofficial CAV:Strike Operations Force Builder

July 20, 2018 Combat Assault VehicleNews from the Dark Horse

A lot of folks found themselves unable to find the official CAV Army Creator after Combat Assault Vehicle was licensed to Talon Games. It was removed from the Reaper website with the anticipation of Talon Games providing a replacement that matched the new Strike Operations edition. Well after speaking with Jon at Talon Games, we were given permission to create the Unofficial CAV:SO Force Builder 3.x. Since the original source code to CAV 2E was not available to work from, we used our version of the Warlord 2E Army Creator as the basis for building this new tool. We will be taking this opportunity to improve upon the user interface and the data card output as well as some of the functionality during its development.

Work continues as time permits on adding new features that folks have expre...

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Unofficial Army Creator

February 14, 2018 Warlord 2nd Edition

Warlord Army Creator 2.0.1 - Home Page - Above the fold
A lot of folks found themselves unable to locate the official Warlord Army Creator a while back. It was removed from the Reaper website due to security concerns centered around the old code used when it was first written. This led to concerns over the future of the game and frankly there wasn’t a lot of information available about the matter because while the folks at Reaper have developed a few awesome games in their day, it is not really part of their business model. So after speaking with the appropriate individuals at Reaper Miniatures, we were given permission to create the Unofficial Army Creator 2.x...
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The Platform by Jason Pape

June 5, 2017 Warlord Scenarios

Normally the most practical place for the leaders is behind the front ranks giving orders and observing the battle. But sometimes all caution must be thrown to the winds and the Warlord must lead by example.


There is a control circle in the center of the board. Success depends on your leaders occupying this space and standing their ground no matter what the cost.

Table Setup and Deployments:

Normal deployment rules.
At the center of the board a CD sized circle is placed. This is the Platform described below. Add 2 extra cards in the draw deck that does not match either player. These are for the Platform.

The Platform:

The first time each game turn that a Platform activation card is drawn, 1 player rolls a die and consults the results below...

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Those Damn Berries! by Tim Peaslee

June 5, 2017 Warlord Scenarios

Origins Warlord/2nd Edition Tournament – 2011

All those ripe berries were irresistible to your hungry army as they marched. Now that the battle is joined, they are paying the price. Fighting a battle while your digestive system is in turmoil beyond the abilities of some soldiers. The more exertion our soldiers make, the more those damned berries are causing havoc among them. Your scouts have told you that they have found a remedy. But, question is, can you get to it in time?


Eliminate as much of your opponent’s army as possible while keeping your own army intact.
Table Set up and Deployments: Normal deployment rules. Along the center line of the table between the two players, 6 inches in from each table edge place a single standard base...

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Royal Escort by Jason Pape

May 27, 2017 Warlord Scenarios

Origins Warlord/2nd Edition Tournament – 2011

Diplomacy during a time of war is always tricky. Just trying to get an emissary in alive to be able to negotiate any treaties can be a very hazardous undertaking. A friendly nation had a heck of a time getting their dignitaries in to meet with your king. They lost their accompanying support in the process. Never the less, they were able to make it in safely. A bond has been formed and they have agreed to send aid. Now, they just have to get back home to be able to relay the news to their people.


Safely escort your assigned dignitaries off the opposite table edge.


Normal deployment rules.

Dignitary: Each player is assigned 5 Dignitaries...

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Painting Minis made from Reaper Miniatures Bones Material

March 20, 2017 Hobby

Given a lot of questions circulating about painting miniatures made from Reaper Miniatures Bones material, I thought I would try to present a simple and easy to understand article on the topic.

So let’s set a little foundation for the article so that it will all click by the time we get to the end. The Bones material is somewhat hydrophobic, which means that it tends to repel water. Paint diluted with water, sometimes even just a little water, will display a tendency to bead up or pull away from certain areas on the miniature surface. The more water added to the paint, the greater this effect becomes...

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It has Arrived… LOKA Fantasy Chess!

March 16, 2017 Board Games

LOKA: Game Box Cover

We’re Excited about LOKA: The World of Fantasy Chess!

LOKA is two things – fantastically sculpted Chess sets and a brand new take on the game of Chess itself, brought to you by Alessio Cavatore’s River Horse and published by Mantic Games, project creators behind the successful Kings of War and DreadBall.

LOKA is played with fantasy-inspired Chess pieces, each evoking the powerful imagery of one of the four elements.

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